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Tax Enquiries

Tax enquiries

Don’t worry about tax enquiries, we offer comprehensive insurance so that we can take care of your investigation for a modest fee.

What is a Tax Enquiry?

A tax enquiry is the process by which HMRC check in detail that the information on a tax return is correct and complete. They do this by asking questions about your return, through meetings and a review of your records. HM Revenue and Customs has the right to open an enquiry into any return.

Because any return can be selected for an enquiry, you need to keep all the documents and information you used to prepare your tax return [until the time allowed to HMRC to make an enquiry is past]. HMRC can seek a maximum penalty of £3,000 for not keeping these records, though this is not applied automatically.

Are There Costs Involved?

Unfortunately, yes. Enquiries cannot be predicted so we cannot factor those into our annual fees, as we simply don’t know if you will get an enquiry and how lengthy it may be, so in order to help our clients we have partnered with Croner Taxwise to offer all of our clients Tax Fee Protection Insurance.

What is “Tax Fee Protection Insurance”?

Put simply, it’s an insurance policy that covers our fees in the event of a tax enquiry. For a modest amount you can enjoy peace of mind that we will deal with the tax authorities on your behalf and you will not be subject to any additional expense from us, as they will be covered by your insurance policy.

What Can We Do To Help?

We will assist you every step of the way. That’s how we can help.

Whether it be simply answering some questions on a letter that HMRC have sent you, to being with you answering questions directly from the tax man. During this process we will demonstrate that you are paying the correct amount of tax.